Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Evoke Capital and what do you specialize in?

Evoke Capital is a real estate private equity firm that specializes in acquiring non institutionally owned manufactured housing communities in growing markets across the US.

What am I investing in?

Investors will have the opportunity to become limited partners in a fund that acquires manufactured housing communities. All properties owned in the fund are owned fee simple and managed solely by Evoke Capital.

How do I invest with Evoke?

New investors can sign up through the investor portal on our website. Investors must be accredited.

How does distributions / reporting work?

Distributions will be made quarterly to investor bank accounts via ACH, facilitated through our investor platform Syndication Pro. You will also receive quarterly reports detailing the performance of specific assets and the fund itself.

What is Bonus Depreciation?

Bonus Depreciation allows investors to accelerate the deduction of the cost of building and land improvements in a mobile home park in the same year the tax expense is incurred. This gives investors paper losses that offset their taxable income. We strongly advice our investors to contact their personal CPA to discuss the best way to apply this benefit.

What Tax documents should I expect to receive?

K-1s will be uploaded to your profile in the investor portal where they are conveniently available for download. Our goal is to deliver K-1s on, or before, the deadline of 3/15 each year.

When do I begin to accrue a return?

Accounts begin to accrue the first day of set closing of what tranche you enter into the fund.

What is the duration of the fund?

Each funds is designed to last on an indefinite timeline and acquires communities that prioritize strong, long term cash flow in growing markets. We do not target short term flips and speculative holds that depend on quick timelines.

Why mobile home park investing?

The high demand for affordable housing, lack of new mobile home park supply, a stable tenant base, and low overhead from communities that have tenant owned mobile homes creates a unique asset class that provides investors higher risk adjusted returns compared to traditional multifamily investing. For more information, check out our eBook all about the benefits of investing in Mobile Home Communities.

What is the minimum investment?


Why did you launch the fund?

We launched this fund to provide investors with the benefit of diversifying their holdings across multiple properties in multiple markets, rather than investing in only one specific asset. Additionally, as the mobile home park industry continues to attract new investors and operators, we find it crucial to act swiftly when new deals are presented. Having a fund with committed capital ensures our brokers and sellers that we are capable of executing transactions promptly.

Can I add to my initial investment?


What if a tornado or flood hits one of the properties?

Although statistically VERY unlikely to occur, in the event of a natural disaster hitting one of our investment properties, we have loss of income insurance and will work diligently to repair and/or replace any homes damaged.