Feedback from our trusted clients

Paresh Mehta

“ Right from the start of my association with Pasha and the team at Evoke Capital, I realized I had encountered something special. Their professionalism instills a sense of trust and a feeling of genuine partnership. With Evoke Capital it's clearly about cultivating a lasting long-term relationship and working towards a shared vision together.

The level of investor communication provided by Evoke Capital is also exemplary – always clear, concise, and delivered on time. This level of detail and attentiveness makes the entire investment process transparent and clear for all the investors.

I extend my gratitude to Pasha and the entire Evoke Capital team for infusing high levels of professionalism and clarity into my investment journey with them.”

Jason Van Voorhis CEO

V3 Talent Partners

“ I’ve been investing with Evoke Capital for over 2 years and have only seen positive results, even during challenging times. A few things stand out about Evoke Capital and their team. They build trust early through high touch communication, provide an open platform for questions, and execute fast leading to early returns. As an investor, it’s rare to have so much trust and visibility to the operations and outcomes. I’m grateful to be apart of their investor cohort.”

Mike Arndorfer

“I've invested with Evoke twice now, once in 2022 and then I added more in 2023. I liked Evokes' philosophy of finding cash flowing MHP and improving them so they are great assets and a great place for the residents to live while holding them for the long haul. It’s been nice that I've received the total preferred return every quarter, as many of my investments don't have consistent cash flows to pay out the total preferred return. The quarterly communication from Pasha and the Evoke team has been great. They include many details on each park, so I know exactly how things are progressing operationally. Evoke offers a nice mix of great cash flows today and current-year depreciation, as well as a plan for long-term appreciation.”

Ryan Kennedy

“I can't say enough about my outstanding experience with Evoke Capital. Pasha's leadership and the team's commitment to excellence in securing incredible real estate deals consistently delivering impressive returns. The tax savings I've received with the bonus depreciation have been a total game-changer. If you're looking for a trustworthy real estate investment partner to provide profitable returns, Evoke Capital is the way to go.”

Adam Putschoegl

“I have known Pasha for some time now. As soon I had the opportunity to invest with him and Evoke, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I had done some due diligence and then connected with others who also did deep dives into his company. Each and every person came back saying his fundamentals were incredibly strong and it was one of the better investment opportunities they had seen. This was coming from folks with decades of experience. Needless to say, I jumped right in. Since then, communication and support have been second to none. I screwed up a couple of logistical items, and they helped me quickly correct them without an ounce of frustration. I couldn’t speak more highly of Pasha and will continue to work with him at every opportunity I get.”

Krystle Hagenlocher

“I couldn’t be happier with Evoke Capital! I feel extremely confident investing with them. They have amazing communication all throughout and really keep me informed with thorough breakdowns of how the funds are doing. I’ve seen the hard work the team has put in and how passionate they are! Thank you, Pasha and the Evoke Team.”

Ben Raibi

“I’ve been investing with Evoke Capital because I trusted the team, as this was the first investment I ever made, and I wanted to say thank you! I’ve been over the top happy with the decision I made. My investment is doing amazing, and after a year, I invested more and even had my parents invest with them. It’s really nice to see that with the right people that you can trust and be so patient with me. Thank you all at Evoke. I appreciate you a lot.”

Garry Kishbaugh

“We have been investing with Evoke Capital for several years. There are three primary reasons why I would recommend investing with Evoke to other investors:

1. They are exceptional at identifying properties that are great investments. They don’t fall in love with any deal and “try to make it fit”. They stay true to the commitments they made when they underwrite every deal.
2. They are very conservative with their projections. With most investments, we just want the investment to achieve their annual revenue and profit projections according to the pro forma. That has happened only once in all of the investments with Evoke. In the overwhelming majority of the deals, they are achieving year 3-5 financial goals by the end of year one. They are the definition of under-promise and over-deliver.
3. Their communication is exceptional. It is professional and concise but provides important details and is delivered on time every quarter. There have been several managers we won’t invest with again even though the investments performed well. We couldn’t get updates and were treated that it was an imposition or ignored completely if we asked how the investments were performing. When it comes to personal budgeting and tax planning Evokes communication is ideal. ”

David Silverman

“I have known Pasha for more than a dozen years. I’ve watched him mature and grow as a person and as a business owner and operator. After seeing how he handled numerous real estate projects, I was happy to have the opportunity to invest with him as he embarked on building a portfolio of trailer parks. There are two key metrics I look at when choosing to invest my money; the first is that I believe in the person. This is THE most important metric. In this case, I trust Pasha; I know he has partnered with smart people who understand the space and are very experienced. I also know Pasha has high integrity and is a great communicator. This translates to clear and up-to-date reporting on numbers and nuances in the investment. The second attribute I look for answers the following question,’ Does this investment align with my risk tolerance and long-term strategy? In this case, Evoke checks both boxes. I intend to continue to invest with Evoke and Pasha as they grow their portfolio. I am very pleased thus far with the trajectory of the investments and the communication and reporting.”

Bruce Turner

“As an Evoke Capital investor working alongside Pasha and the team, my experience has been highly positive. Before my initial investment, I conducted thorough due diligence by interviewing the leadership team. Their background and expertise gave me the confidence they could successfully implement the business plan, and thus far, they have met my expectations. The returns have aligned with projections, and the quarterly reports are both comprehensive and punctual. It's important to mention that my insights are also backed by over 25 years of experience in the manufactured housing industry, including retail operations and owning and operating my own mobile home community.”

Artin Davodian


“If you're seeking a well-run investment firm with consistent returns and transparent communication, look no further than Evoke Capital. Their expertise in mobile home park syndications and funds has been a breath of fresh air in my investment portfolio. From the outset, professionalism radiates from Evoke Capital. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive, and always willing to address questions or concerns. I love that at any given moment, I can ask a question and not feel dumb. The entire investment process – from initial inquiry to finalization – was smooth and transparent, setting a high bar for other investment firms. But it's their commitment to investor communication that truly sets them apart. Prompt and detailed quarterly updates provide a clear picture of each property's performance, allowing me to track my investment confidently. They don't shy away from sharing successes and challenges, fostering a sense of trust and partnership. And speaking of successes, the distributions from Evoke Capital have been consistently impressive and punctual. Their focus on high-quality mobile home parks in growing markets has yielded stable returns that exceed my initial expectations and are outperforming their conservative forecasts. They take a data-driven approach to their acquisitions, minimizing risk and maximizing value for investors. If you're considering investing in mobile home parks, I wholeheartedly recommend Evoke Capital. They've certainly earned my trust and confidence as a valuable partner in my investment journey. Can’t wait to have more capital to invest with them!”

Wes Bailey

“Investing with Evoke and Pasha has been a fantastic experience. Not only have the returns thus far beaten the projections we were given, but I’ve received the kind of constant communication and transparency that puts your mind at ease. I’m looking forward to more future investments with Evoke for that reason.”

Lisa Costello

“I genuinely believe Pasha and the team at Evoke are ahead of the curve regarding finding investment vehicles that are sustainable, ethical, and profitable. Their presentations, models, and processes for investing have all been professional and well thought out, and they have made it easy for a new investor like myself to comprehend the dynamics and risks associated. With many opportunities for real estate investment out there, I feel confident Evoke is a place where my money works in a way I can be proud of.”

Dan Nunney

“I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Evoke Capital, particularly acknowledging the leadership of Managing Partner Pasha Esfandiary. Having invested in Fund 1, my experience with the entire team has been nothing short of impressive. Evoke Capital has consistently demonstrated a commitment to transparent and timely communication, as well as sending on-time monthly distributions. Furthermore, their proactive approach to enhancing the portfolio with exceptional properties adds a layer of confidence to the overall investment experience. In summary, I'm pleased to have partnered with Evoke Capital. They get two thumbs up from me for their professionalism, reliability, and strategic approach to portfolio management. Great work.”

Brandon Palmer

“Evoke Capital has been my best syndication investment to date. Their Say/Do ratio has been 100%, and their communication has been comprehensive and timely. No one else comes close to their communication quality. All distributions have been completed on time. I would happily invest in further funding rounds with the fund and the involved GPs.”

Dr. Jon Kanevsky MD

“Evoke capital is my first introduction to real estate investing. As a new RE investor, the care, attention to detail, and communication that Pasha and his team provide have been a highlight. The projects are well-selected, and the thesis has proven to be successful. I always look for new opportunities to re-invest with Evoke.”

Dan Unger

“Investing with Pasha and Evoke capital has been a great experience to date! I had made other investments but was new to the mobile home industry, and Pasha took the time to walk me through the investment details and answer all my questions. I wanted to find a good way of diversifying my investments away from just equities and bonds, and this category and the Evoke team provided the right solution. And most importantly, I’m already seeing great returns on my invested capital!”

Saul Friedgood

“Evoke Capitol operates with integrity, open communication, and a commitment to deliver results to their customers. I genuinely appreciate the opportunities that have been brought to me as an investor.”

Daniel Hunter

“This was my first experience in real estate investing, and I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. The team is hyper-communicative and transparent, and they keep me up-to-date with every useful metric on the properties I’m invested in. In addition, I can reach out to Pasha and the team anytime I have a question, and they always go above and beyond. I’m invested in 2 projects so far, and I plan to continue expanding my real estate portfolio through evoking capital for the foreseeable future.”

Kevin Gray

“As a professional in financial services, I know firsthand the myriad choices on where to invest globally, locally, and everywhere in between. Clients need to really build trust in the people investing their personal and business capital. Pasha committed to a diligent focus on this real estate niche, and the results show his dedication to being an expert in this arena. Evoke Capital has my trust and is my choice for real estate investments.”

Dr. Tim Smith

Author “Unleash the Healer Within”

“As a business owner and working professional, I am looking for tax-advantaged income opportunities with short-term cash flow and long-term upside. When it comes to investing in syndication deals, it is said that you are investing in the operators more than the property or deal. Investing with Pasha and Evoke, I know that my interests come first, and they create win/win deals that favor the investor. Not only do I feel confident in my investments, but I have also learned so much from Pasha as a mentor who cares about my financial success. The deals I am currently invested in are already performing better than projected, and I look forward to participating in future deals.”

Brian Rast

“I've invested in multiple deals with Evoke Capital. The business is run very well. All of the projects have been successful thus far, and communication is excellent with quarterly updates. Pasha is also generous with his time should I need to ask him any questions. I've known Pasha for a long time and trust him and Evoke Capital as a place to invest in real estate.”

Hicham Hajhamou

“It is my great pleasure to share my experience working with the inimitable Pasha Esfandiary, whom I am proud to call my friend. Not only does he possess a keen analytical mind, undoubtedly honed through his expertise in poker, but he also exhibits remarkable diligence and clarity of purpose that few can match. As a leader, Pasha is a force to be reckoned with, building a high-performing operational team that consistently delivers remarkable results. Pasha's charisma transpires in every conversation, and he genuinely cares about his employees, investors, friends, and charities. His ability to inspire and motivate his team is truly remarkable. What impresses me most about Pasha is his unwavering commitment to delivering on his promises. His flawless execution of plans, coupled with his unparalleled tenacity, has resulted in exceptional returns on investments time and time again. In short, Pasha is an A+ operator in every sense of the word. His wit, elegance, and exceptional skill set make him one of the most talented operators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I wholeheartedly recommend Pasha to anyone seeking a truly remarkable leader in the mobile home park industry.”

Adrian M. Accay


“I have been working with Pasha from Evoke Capital and I can confidently say that Pasha is an amazing operator. Out of the nine passive investments I did in 2022, only Pasha and one other operator had the K1’s and distributions on time as promised. But that’s not all, Pasha has displayed an unwavering commitment to get the job done on time regardless of market shifts and conditions. He is quick to respond to any questions and takes prompt action to resolve any issues that arise. The investment strategies they have recommended have been thoughtful and have proven to yield great returns. Pasha has helped me to manage my investments effectively, and I would highly recommend him and Evoke Capital to anyone looking for a reliable real estate operator.”