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Evoke capital is my first introduction to real estate investing. As a new RE investor, the care, attention to detail, and communication that Pasha and his team provide have been a highlight. The projects are well-selected, and the thesis has proven to be successful. I always look for new opportunities to re-invest with Evoke.

    Dr. Jon Kanevsky MD

    Investing with Pasha and Evoke capital has been a great experience to date! I had made other investments but was new to the mobile home industry, and Pasha took the time to walk me through the investment details and answer all my questions. I wanted to find a good way of diversifying my investments away from just equities and bonds, and this category and the Evoke team provided the right solution. And most importantly, I’m already seeing great returns on my invested capital!

      Dan Unger

      Evoke Capitol operates with integrity, open communication, and a commitment to deliver results to their customers. I genuinely appreciate the opportunities that have been brought to me as an investor.

        Saul Friedgood

        This was my first experience in real estate investing, and I couldn’t have imagined a better experience. The team is hyper-communicative and transparent, and they keep me up-to-date with every useful metric on the properties I’m invested in. In addition, I can reach out to Pasha and the team anytime I have a question, and they always go above and beyond. I’m invested in 2 projects so far, and I plan to continue expanding my real estate portfolio through evoking capital for the foreseeable future.

          Daniel Hunter

          As a professional in financial services, I know firsthand the myriad choices on where to invest globally, locally, and everywhere in between. Clients need to really build trust in the people investing their personal and business capital. Pasha committed to a diligent focus on this real estate niche, and the results show his dedication to being an expert in this arena. Evoke Capital has my trust and is my choice for real estate investments.

            Kevin Gray

            As a business owner and working professional, I am looking for tax-advantaged income opportunities with short-term cash flow and long-term upside. When it comes to investing in syndication deals, it is said that you are investing in the operators more than the property or deal. Investing with Pasha and Evoke, I know that my interests come first, and they create win/win deals that favor the investor. Not only do I feel confident in my investments, but I have also learned so much from Pasha as a mentor who cares about my financial success. The deals I am currently invested in are already performing better than projected, and I look forward to participating in future deals.

              Dr. Tim Smith

              Author “Unleash the Healer Within”

              I've invested in multiple deals with Evoke Capital. The business is run very well. All of the projects have been successful thus far, and communication is excellent with quarterly updates. Pasha is also generous with his time should I need to ask him any questions. I've known Pasha for a long time and trust him and Evoke Capital as a place to invest in real estate.

                Brian Rast

                It is my great pleasure to share my experience working with the inimitable Pasha Esfandiary, whom I am proud to call my friend. Not only does he possess a keen analytical mind, undoubtedly honed through his expertise in poker, but he also exhibits remarkable diligence and clarity of purpose that few can match.

                As a leader, Pasha is a force to be reckoned with, building a high-performing operational team that consistently delivers remarkable results. Pasha's charisma transpires in every conversation, and he genuinely cares about his employees, investors, friends, and charities. His ability to inspire and motivate his team is truly remarkable.
                What impresses me most about Pasha is his unwavering commitment to delivering on his promises. His flawless execution of plans, coupled with his unparalleled tenacity, has resulted in exceptional returns on investments time and time again.

                In short, Pasha is an A+ operator in every sense of the word. His wit, elegance, and exceptional skill set make him one of the most talented operators I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I wholeheartedly recommend Pasha to anyone seeking a truly remarkable leader in the mobile home park industry.

                  Hicham Hajhamou

                  I have been working with Pasha from Evoke Capital and I can confidently say that Pasha is an amazing operator. Out of the nine passive investments I did in 2022, only Pasha and one other operator had the K1’s and distributions on time as promised. But that’s not all, Pasha has displayed an unwavering commitment to get the job done on time regardless of market shifts and conditions. He is quick to respond to any questions and takes prompt action to resolve any issues that arise. The investment strategies they have recommended have been thoughtful and have proven to yield great returns. Pasha has helped me to manage my investments effectively, and I would highly recommend him and Evoke Capital to anyone looking for a reliable real estate operator.

                    Adrian M. Accay

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